Should I Join a Book Club?



The love the smell of them, the sight of them, the heft of them (print versions), the content of them.

Books have been important to me most of my life, from those early Nancy Drew Mysteries (the originals) read with a flashlight under the covers at night, to the marvelous Gothic mystery-romances by Mary Stewart, Phyllis Whitney, Victoria Holt and Daphne du Maurier, which carried me away to exotic places and times and “gentle” love. BookClub10(My favorite and most often read one is still This Rough Magic by Mary Stewart, set on an island in Greece.)

Then there came the countless books I read to my two boys as they grew up, from the whimsical Dr. Seuss rhymes and many volumes of illustrated children’s’ verse and fairy tales, to the detailed, cartoon towns, jobs and objects depicted by Richard Scarry.

I encouraged my granddaughters to read board books, chapter books and more. My oldest fell in love with Nancy Drew (of course!) and then… Jane Austin.

So eager was I to make books precious to them, that I wrote serialize stories, simple short stories, treasure hunt birthday stories (with activities) and eventually a couple junior-age books for them.

BookClub12I love a lot of genres, but my favorite is still mysteries, and I’ve graduated to literary-mysteries like those written by Madeline Gornell, and my favorite author today, Louise Penny. And now, after being a member of Mystery Writers of American and Sisters In Crime (writers), I also read lots of books for review in magazines and for author friends.

I am a reader. But I’ve never joined a book club.

Many women’s magazines have monthly articles featuring a book club located in a town within their readership. They give a brief highlight of what they do and list some of their favorite books. Also, these magazines feature a page of suggested books for reading – women, teens, children, history, humor, biography, etc.

Westways, the magazine of the Auto Club does this, and so does the monthly AARP newsletter (yes, I’m a senior!).

BookClub3My reasons for not joining a book club were several:
1. time commitment, not only for the meetings, but for the time to read the book and consider the questions.
2. what if I didn’t like the books to be read?
3. what if my Christian based opinions were scorned? (Yes, I know… it is to be expected, and I should take joy in standing up for Christ.)
4. where does one FIND a book club?

Laughing women in book club

A gal in my eight-member writing group – The Writers In Residence – Bonnie Schroeder recently wrote her blog post on being a member (and featured author) of a book club. She writes about what a book club IS, how one operates, the fun and not-so-fun books she’s read, discussing and moderating the chosen monthly book, and lastly the nail-biting anxiety of having her own book read.

Check out her post at:

So, why do I write about book clubs on a blog that features devotional topics?

Because I realized that I have been a member of the BEST Book Of The Month Club ever!  It’s all about the Bible; the Word of God.  You can read and reread the Bible as often as you like, pick out favorite passages, begin at the beginning, the middle or the ending, go to it for uplifting joy, inspiration, comfort, promise, knowledge, marching orders, even scolding! It contains biography, history, thrilling adventures, even romance. It is written for all ages, for all times. It’s truths “endure forever.”

Bookclub13Now HERE is the Book Club to join if you want to read THIS book – Bible Study Fellowship!

BSF has an in-depth reading, studying, and discussion of the Book of Books. Over the years it has covered nearly every portion in the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. It runs for 9 months, concurrent to most school years, and meets once-a-week at a nearby host church. It will change your life, your heart, your thinking, and perhaps even your eternal future as the Gospel is proclaimed. Read it’s featured book, discuss it with other women (or men), hear it explained, and read supporting passages. You will never regret joining THIS book club, I promise.

The new study begins in September 2016, with the Gospel book of John. Contact Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) for where and when and how you can join this amazing “club.” There are “classes” around the world for all ages, and probably several in your own city.

Your only requirement? The Bible. And a desire to read it.

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