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Polar Bear Art Activity Based on The Icebergs by Frederick Edwin Church

Kathy, The Picture Lady

God has given polar bears many unique features to help them survive in cold arctic regions. In this art project children will learn about some of these features as they draw and put together a collage of a polar bear framed against the colorful aurora borealis.

In this post you’ll find:

  • Supply list
  • Step-by-step Directions
  • Helpful Hints
  • Containing the Mess
  • Variations and adaptations for older and younger children
  • 6 Ways this activity aids children’s mental, physical, social, and spiritual development
  • Molly the Artsy Corgi picture

Let’s get started!


  • White and black construction paper
  • Pastels (There are 2 kinds of pastels—chalk-like soft pastels or crayon-like oil pastels. Either kind works for this project. If you or your child is bothered by dust, choose oil pastels instead of the soft ones)
  • Pencil, black marker, and scissors
  • White glue or glue stick


Start with the background of ice floes and


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A Devotional based on an Iceberg that Played Hide and Seek

Kathy, The Picture Lady

Have you ever hidden so well during a game of hide and seek that no one could find you? Was it a little scary? Can icebergs play hide and seek? In 1999 an iceberg the size of Rhode Island broke away from Antarctica and went missing! That’s right, but let’s back up a little.

In the Northern Hemisphere, from February to July, chunks of ice break off or calve from Greenland’s glaciers. Some also calve from glaciers in Alaska. Chunks may be small or as large as the ones shown in Church’s painting. Most of an iceberg is out of sight below the water, and it’s this part that’s so dangerous to ships.

The Icebergs by Frederick Edwin Church, Dallas Museum of Art, public domain

In the North Atlantic, ocean currents often carry icebergs from Greenland to an area off Newfoundland called Iceberg Alley. This was where Church went to…

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