Using My Bible’s Concordance to Pray

HAVE YOU EVER USED YOUR BIBLE’S CONCORDANCE as a source of Bible Study or Devotional?

I don’t mean to find a particular scripture you need, but to choose A WORD, then go down the list of references on that word in your Bible – one-by-one – and consider what God might say to you about your subject… for that day or week.

(You can also use a Topical Bible, such as Nave’s if you have one.)

Recently, I’ve been wanting my prayer life to be stronger, meatier. I’ve read a few books on how to do that and heard a few sermons. Then I decided to go to the Book of Books and see how God would instruct me there.

BibleConcordanceUsing the concordance on my old KJV (which has many more references to subjects than the ESV version I read), I looked up the word PRAY, and beginning at the first one in the Old Testament, I read the referenced verse, then the surrounding verses in the passage.

I am amazed each time I do this to discover how and for what God wants me to pray. Thus far in the last couple weeks ( from Genesis, 1 Samuel, 2 Chronicles & Ezra), I’ve found:

1. pray for “good” people who need salvation (I listed a few friends who came mind.)

2. pray for believers struggling with sin in their lives (a few more listed – including myself)

3. pray for those who willfully sin and need discipline

4. pray for our country (America specifically) and the repentance and seeking God that needs to happen…beginning with believers.

5. pray for “the king & his sons” which I took to mean our president and his family. (I admit this is a hard one for me, but when I wrote down all their names, it got easier.) I begin by praying another verse from 3 John for them; “I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul.”

I’m looking forward to what is next on the list – in a few days.

Does this sound like something YOU might like to do with prayer or perhaps with other subjects?  I’d love to hear your journey.

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